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Qualitative Research

TekMark provides extensive qualitative research services to obtain critical and sensitive market information typically not available in the public domain. Our qualitative research primarily involves non-directive, exploratory and open-ended techniques to engage contacts in comfortable, in-depth conversations. These techniques, when complemented by some direct, pre-planned questions spiced within the conversation have proven to produce the most thorough and unbiased information.

Our interviews are conducted with key industry stakeholders, decision makers and key opinion leaders typically in a confidential (blind) or case-by-case manner. This enables us to obtain unbiased information that you or one of your staff may not be able to capture due to your association with your employer.

TekMark has conducted numerous quantitative research engagements across a broad array of technical and engineered products and systems, services, technologies, applications and markets in the following areas;

Market Dynamics
Competitive Intelligence
Product Performance
Customer Satisfaction
Voice of the Customer (VOC)
Customer Buy Decision
Industry Structure
Channel Dynamics
Mergers & Acquisitions
Formal Surveys
Focus Groups
  • Market Dynamics -market size, forecast, etc. specific to your products (i.e., the market for optically based quality control systems used in a production setting may be $780 million but specific to surface finish/flatness measurements within the semiconductor photomask industry is 32 systems based on the number of advanced production lines in operation at leading edge photomask shops). This type of highly specific research complements our traditional technical market research services.
  • Competitive Intelligence - obtaining typical elements of a SWOT analysis
  • Product Performance - customer requirements for next generation products and systems to support product definition within a new product development process
  • Customer Satisfaction - information and feedback on existing customers' satisfaction, dis-satisfaction on products purchased. Why they purchased your products, a competitors' products or a competing technology.
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) - the accuracy and value of market information is directly related to the quality and number of customers, potential customers, and other external and internal stakeholders from which you acquire information. To complement our technical market research services TekMark can also; conduct one-on-one interviews, in person or via phone; develop and administer market, new product, customer satisfaction and other surveys; and facilitate focus groups. These methods provide the critical market facing information required to substantiate VOC data within a Six Sigma environment.
  • Customer Buy Decision - despite what many people believe, technical decision-makers rarely make purchase decisions solely on lowest price. Many other actual, perceived and intangible attributes influence their evaluation and decision making process. This process establishes their "Customer Buy Decision". The more you know about this evaluation process the better you can determine what your customers want vs. what they need and subsequently better design and position your products, services and marketing strategies to the specific needs of your target market(s).
  • Industry Structure - elements of Porters' five forces analysis including; threat of new entrants to a market; bargaining power of suppliers; bargaining power of customers; threat of substitute products/technologies; and degree of competitive rivalry.
  • Channel Dynamics - determine how products reach the end user; how are typical representative and distributor arrangements structured; what are industry norms for commissions, re-seller pricing, OEM discounts, etc. to uncover opportunities and best approach to enter a new market or expand visibility in an existing market. Also see our Channel Management services.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions - due diligence efforts for buy side and sell side. See Mergers & Acquisition
  • Surveys - conducted via phone, internet and/or in-person
  • Focus Groups - many times done during sales meetings for employee focus groups and/or at an industry conference/symposium when customers are involved
  • Others as Needed - customized as needed by the client