Although traditional industrial markets are generally considered a mature industry (“been doing it this way for 30 years, why should we change?”), many pockets of opportunities exist for better technologies, products and services. Most sectors are constantly experiencing pricing pressures from increasing global competition.This forces industry leaders to continually adopt new technologies that have a proven cost-to-benefit value proposition.

New materials, new sensors and measurement systems, additive manufacturing, automated optical inspection (AOI), increased embedded electronics / computing power and the industrial IoT are just some of the segments that are seeing consistent year over year growth. Equally important for suppliers that may be experiencing stagnant growth is that new services (from increased outsourcing) and new business models can generate new opportunities and a fundamental change in your long term business prospects.TekMark’s consultants have direct industry experience combined with both engineering and business degrees to help you identify and develop new market opportunities in this challenging industry.

In addition to our services listed below, some examples of our work in the industrial manufacturing industry have involved the following technologies, products, applications and market segments;

  • Metal additive manufacturing for high-temperature turbomachinery components
  • High pressure hydraulic fittings for aerospace, military and industrial applications
  • Test & measurement systems for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Sealing devices, valves, pumps, compressors & turbines for the refinery, petrochemical, chemical, food & beverage, water/wastewater, pulp & paper and other process industries
  • Fluid control components and systems for the machine tool industry
  • Compact, lightweight DC powered compressor
  • Gas combustion components and systems for commercial food OEMs
  • Optical metrology systems for hydraulic pumps, tightly-toleranced swiss machined products
  • New CO2 processing technology for coal fired utility plants
  • New materials and technologies for SBIR/STTR programs with the DOD, NASA, DOE and NSF
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Industrial Products Strategy

“TekMark’s ability to quickly evaluate our business; understand our rotary shaft seal engineered products and technologies; assess the competition, markets and applications; and provide objective recommendations to improve our operations will quickly position us to realize our aggressive growth goals.We look forward to implementing many of the recommendations and working with TekMark as a strategic consulting partner in the future.”

David Pitchko, President & CEO / Cinch Seal
Gas Combustion Products Business Development

“TekMark is playing a critical role in our development of new applications, markets and sales opportunities for Solarflo’s broad and growing range of gas combustion products.We look forward to our continued relationship with TekMark and achieving new growth that TekMark’s consulting services will provide.”

William Thompson, President / Solarflo Corporation

Our services for the Industrial & Manufacturing industries include . . .

New Business Development

Technical Market Research

Business Audit & Strategy

SBIR Technology Commercialization

New Product Development

RepFinder & Channel Mgmt

Mergers & Acquisitions

Interim Management